January 24, 2018



MI Customs has the expertise to keep your vehicle clean and looking new to enjoy over the years. We have the right equipment to do the job, using steam to get into all those dusty crevasses and but also being eco friendly at the same time. The Hotty-Vac to draw out the dirt and contaminated out of carpets. Our foam cannon will break down the dirt and get into hard reach spots. We pride in or self in our hand wash techniques to guarantee not to scratch your vehicle. Our one stop shop can do it all, after you detail we can restore your headlights and add paint protection on top to stop them from fading. Need your windshield changed? No problem we can arrange that for you too.

A clean interior left with a fresh smell

– complete vehicle Vacuum
– complete wipe down dash, door, hard surfaces and dressed with interior care product
– odour kill
– headliner cleaned
– inside glass wipe down
– door jams cleaned and wiped down

Cars $149.95 Trucks $169.95

Add ons:
$59.95 Interior Steam Clean and Evac
– Steam stains and carpet, hotty vac evac dirt, soaps, and contaminents

$89.95 Upholstery Protection
– Leather treatment, carpet stain protection

A spotless exterior

– foam cannon soap presoak
– detailed hand wash
– tires and rims wash and wiped down
– chrome cleaned
– all plastics cleaned and dressed

Car 149.95 Truck 169.95

Add ons:
$99.95 Clay Bar
– Decontaminate and wax removal, resurfacing clay picks up road debris, tar, road paint and tree sap. Removes old wax and yellowing rust

$59.95 Sealant
– Polymer sealant gives a hydrophobic protectant keeping debries from sticking to the paint. Make washing vehicles easier and less chance of scratching.

$59.95 Engine Detail
– Steam clean engine bay and dress plastic pieces. Remove and cover any pieces.

$59.95 Headlight Restoration

$80/hr Wet Sanding and Polishing
Our services include a complete cleaning of all seats/seat compartments, carpets/flooring, windows, anchor/ski lockers and bathroom/cuddy (if applicable). We also protect your seats with a high quality leather/vinyl care. We can come to your house, boat slip or where ever your boat may live OR you can drop your boat off at our full service shop.

Having your boat clean is more than just looking good, we utilize our high pressure commercial dry steam machine that cleans deeper and kills mold spores that grow over the winter season. To learn more about what we can offer for your recreational vehicle give us a call today.
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