Window Film Designed For Commercial Use

Don’t compromise the sunlight or the view when it comes to commercial window films. We can enhance the look of your building windows and ensure proper solar control which has many benefits to you and your company. Commercial films can help retain heat during the colder months saving money on heating and cooling costs, and also provide glare protection while minimizing harmful UV radiation.

Reduce Temperatures In Your Office

With a variety of tints available, let us provide you with a product that will help reduce excessive heat in your office or building. Unwanted temperatures can make it uncomfortable for both your employees and clients, and also can cost you money with increasing air conditioning costs. 

Privacy  Frosting

Frosting is a great alternative to providing privacy in an office setting. Installations can be used in a variety of ways allowing for partial or complete privacy with maximum light penetration. There are a variety of colors, shades, and designs that can easily integrate into your office design with quick installations to ensure low down time 


Security Film

With over 70% of all break-ins resulting through broken glass in doors and windows, it is important to keep your business safe and secure in any way possible. Security and safety films provide a visual block to potential intruders and help deter their desire to target your location. These films are specifically designed to hold shattered glass in place, which makes it difficult to penetrate and prevents the danger of flying shards of glass. Security film is cost effective and can save you a lot of money in the long run!