Over time, your vehicles paint is subject to many stresses including sun fading, brush marks from washing, paint swirls, or even rash from winter driving. Without X-Kote, your only option would be expensive body work and a new paint job, which for some cars is not worth it because the cost of such work usually ends up being more than the value of the car. Thanks to X-Kote, the ultimate car paint restoration system, it is quite affordable to bring back your paints original shine and luster.

What's The Process

Exterior Clean

The process begins with a full clean and in some applications a full polish before applying your X-Kote. Preparing the vehicle properly ensures a great final product.

X-Kote Application

Our professional installers then apply the product efficiently to ensure maximum coverage with very minimal waste. This helps reduce the amount of harmful V.O.C's being emitted. 

Extended Care

Do not wash your vehicle for 1 week and hand wash only, NO BRUSH! We recommend using a spray detailer once every few washes. 

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